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The scavenging code inspection of China's ship certificate

Learned from the Ministry of transport and maritime bureau, since March 1st, the Bureau will be officially opened with "proof" "safety management certificate" and other relevant certificates and print two-dimensional code scan code function, convenient and effective to identify the authenticity of the certificate, the effective implementation of responsibility to promote the safety management of shipping companies, to enhance the efficiency of on-site verification of relevant certificates.

It is reported that the interim certificate of conformity, the certificate of conformity, the annual audit endorsement, the Interim Safety Management Certificate and the safety management certificate will have a two-dimensional code in the upper right corner of the maritime administration. Using WeChat, QQ, browser and other software to scan the certificate two-dimensional code online, users can query the basic information and effectiveness of the certificate. At the same time, the scavenging information also contains a random 32 bit unique identification code generated by a business information system, which is used to improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of the certificate.

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