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The Cost of International Freight
  Yiwu International Freight Forwarding said Speaking of international freight business, we must first find out the various sections of the freight, according to the contract of trade both sides should be paid by which side. In the face of the import business of the FOB or other factory ex-factory price, commissioned by the other to assist in handling before the first attempt to find their own freight forwarding (mainly in the other city or country have branches or business close agent). To fully assist the other to assist, must also ask the other agent in advance of the offer.
  Freight in the face of imported freight to pay, the first check with the business contract.
  To familiarize yourself with the business and technical requirements of all aspects of freight transport, prepare the relevant documents in advance to avoid possible delays (customs duties), late fees (customs and carrier) and storage costs (port and freight forwarding).
  Depending on the weight or volume of freight on the impact of freight, reasonable consideration of the packaging of goods.
  In addition to pre-agreed freight rates, check with the freight forwarder for all documents, especially whether the volume and weight on the consignment note are in line with the actual conditions.
  The costs incurred for each shipment are recorded on a phase-by-phase basis and analyzed periodically.

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